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A Letter From The King

Once upon a time, there is a beautiful palace own by King Khaleed. King Khaleed have two commander who are always there beside him named Kassim and Kareem. Although both of them are working for the king, deep inside the actual story there is a secret issue between both of them.

Kassim always jealous towards Kareem in every aspects of work especially missions that is given
from the king due to castle affairs.

Kareem the honest and responsible commander

One day, Kassim saw Kareem with the king. The king was asking Kareem to do something on behalf of the king. Kassim was very envious by what he saw just now. He also think how to get rid Kareem from the palace.

Kassim is curious

Gotcha! Kassim got an idea. He went to see Kareem and try to be kind with him. He asked Kareem for an invitation to his house in the evening. When Kareem arrived at his house, he politely invited Kareem to come inside. They are having tea time together. Kassim serve various types of food to Kareem which is smelly types of food such as 'jering','petai' and durians to name a few. 

Kareem which had nothing to expects from Kassim's attitude didn't know that Kassim actually mean something bad to him. He already planned to give Kareem eat the smelly foods. After the tea time sessions, Kareem went back home.

On the next day, in the early morning, Kassim went to see the king. He told the king that Kareem said that the king's mouth is smelly everytime when the king talk to him. Kassim said " Your highness, if you didn't believe what I said, you can call Kareem and take a look at him. I sure he will cover his nose because of your smelly breath!".

The proud Kassim

The King was very mad to hear that. To prove the truth, he called Kareem to face him. "There you are" said the king. The king was pretending to ask Kareem about yesterday's work. Shockingly, Kareem was talking to the king while covering his mouth. So, the king for not on purpose believe in what Kassim had said. After that, the king already decided for Kareem to be decapitated. King Khaleed gave Kareem a letter and ask him to send the letter to the head chopper. At the same time, he already told Kareem not to open the letters and don't let anyone else send the letter to the head chopper except you. Kareem obeyed the king and immediately do his job.

Actually, inside the letter the king had already wrote "This people need to be decapitated".

But, unfortunately during the way Kareem to send the letter to the head chopper, Kassim hold him for a while and ask Kareem about the letter and offered to help him to send the letter. Actually Kassim is jealous and still want to become the best in the eyes of the king. Then, Kareem refuse to give for many times until he finally gave the letter to Kassim because he really shows the effort to help him. Then, Kassim send the letter.

The head chopper

On the next day, the king was shocked when he saw Kareem around the palace. King Khaleed then called Kareem to face him. " Ya Kereem, did you already give the letter yesterday?" ask the king. "Your highness, I am sorry, the letter was safely arrived to the head chopper, but it wasn't me who send the letter, but it's Kassim. Then the king ask Kareem again, "Ya Kareem, why yesterday you covered your mouth during we have a talk?". Then, Kareem answered, " Your highness, I'm very sorry. Actually, I covered my mouth because I don't want you to smell my disgusting breath. The day before I met you, I have been invited by Kassim to have a tea with him and he served me the food with a strong smell. That's why I covered my mouth so you didn't smell it". Then now the king understand. He told everything to Kareem about Kassim and the letter yesterday. King Khaleed set forgiveness to Kareem. Poor Kassim because he already decapitated by the head chopper.

The moral is: Be kind to every people, do not envy with people success but try to achieve in the clean way. Don't ever pour slander to others and have a bad intentions to people because of jealousy. At the end, Allah will punish you fair like what you did.

IT'S ME...!!!

IT'S ME...!!!
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