Friday, June 26, 2015

Its About Light !!

I felt appreciated by the one who is called the 'Light'. She always there for me whenever i need her, in every condition, everytime, everywhere, anywhere and I still be with the 'Light'.

The 'Light' is my girl. She always smiling and I can feel it deeply inside my heart. I already decided that I will hold the 'Light' until the end of my life.

Everytime I think about the 'Light', I'm crying and my heart was crying too because the 'Light' always showed me the right path when I am in the darkness. She is very helpful!

I took the light and try to fire it up but when I found the right direction, It was lighted up, lighted by her and I am very happy to see as it is very bright. She looks very happy. I came nearer holding and gave a big hug. It's warm.

The 'Light' was very beautiful, adorable, cute as I can keep it in my pocket. Sometimes, when I look at it I feel sad. The 'Light' was alone. But I promise that I will not ever leave it alone and always be there by her side forever and ever.

Sometimes i feel like an empty house, yeah I try to get it very slowly and I've tried so hard but I fail. I forced myself to be determined in order to catch the 'Light'. Finally, I got it!

Sometimes, when I'm looking at the scenery, I can see many clouds. I also wanted to climb up the hill. I worked hard until I finished to the top of the hill. There are many rocks. I scratched the rocks with a small branch that I've picked up while enjoying the views up there.

I put an intention in my life that one day I want to hold the 'Light' until the end of my life. I want to hold a reason for my life for being attracted to the 'Light'. I want to get the chance to prove myself that I can touch the 'Light' to make it be with me completing each other until I was not in this world anymore and the 'Light' will still shine brightly because I still there with her, deeply inside my heart. My heart will power up the 'Light' with the most honest heart ever and I will try to fulfill her dreams as best as I can.

And the 'Light' will shine the world until the end of the candle, burning itself for others..

Credited to: Mr. Double 'H'

IT'S ME...!!!

IT'S ME...!!!
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