Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let's Travel, Learn From the Nature, Love The Nature

Nature is full of secrets. How to reveal those secrets ? We need to explore, investigate the luxury trapped which most of us don't know. God created this beautiful nature but most of us don't care about the importance of taking a good care of it. People destroys the soul of nature without thinking twice. How could you make it like a dead lifeless green creature.

       Why love, how could you. Don't you think a little thing make lifes great? Don't you let it pass you by without appreciating it. I hope that it will stay. It is beautiful and makes you wanna cry. There are happiness inside which you could not imagine at all. Don't you ever read about fairytale ? Don't you ever imagine to be like what you dream or see what you had imagine before? The beautiful imagination which full of sparkles and glitters.

       You never put your love to the nature. You don't care at all !! It just not fair brings more trouble than love is worth. You make they gasp for air. Illegal logging, open burning, deforestation and stripping hill makes the birds cry, the flowers wilt and the ire of nature.

       I hope the way people think changes day by day better than before,mature than before...

       Even you are a human, you can't wait to fly like a bird if you have the soul of the nature. Explore the beauty makes you feel incredible. Listen, every story has an end but in every ending has the beginning which leads to the end. Same like our nature, the reasons is why?.

       Think about it dear, life is once. If you wasted your life without any deeds that you donate to the nature, you'll regret it soon but it is worthless.

       All I need the reason why...

IT'S ME...!!!

IT'S ME...!!!
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