Tuesday, March 5, 2013


assalamualaikum to all visitors...first of all..i would like to thank to all for those who folowing my blog eventhough i 'm not updated to it. so, this is an advertisement to all visitor who are still following my blog and to those who reading my blog , i would like to ask for a donation for my school SMK Agama Kuala Lumpur,  to support our payment for a school proggrame that to China. so, i as a participate in order to inform to all of you if there are anybody to give danation are very very allow to give.

this are some of our proggramme that will organise there:

-a visit to beijing international school for learning proggramme.
-a cultural show from Malaysia that is Zapin and Nasyid that will be sing in chinese  language.
-a visit to a cultural places at China such as, the forbidden city,summer palace,and panda zoo museum.
-organise an activity with student at Peking University about peers community and a proggramme at Tian An Men.

so, if there are feedback from you my beloved visitors,i really hope so, in order so support my beloved school. These are the contact number for your feedback :

-Pn. Azizah bt. Musa : 0132630588 (caunsellor teacher)
-Pn. Nalissa Law bt. Mohd. Nazir : 0176420585 (caunsellor teacher)
-Pn. Norshakina : 0133049062 (my mother)

so, i hope there is somebody will give any feedbact to me,thank you.

IT'S ME...!!!

IT'S ME...!!!
Assalamualaikum and hello to all my beloved readers , most of all thanks for reading my blog hope you will get ibrah from my posts...sorry for any mistakes done...if you have any problems,just leave the comments there..i'll try my best to share my knowledge with you...sharing is caring...thanks for visiting...salam ukhuwah..maassalamah wa ilalliqa'..!!!